Pocket Knot

Discover the Different Applications… of Our High-Quality Easy-to-Use Cord / Rope Tensioners, Fasteners, Adjusters, Reducers, Paracords, and Shock cords for all your Tent Camping, Hiking needs. Our products are designed to provide you with Reliable and Durable Solutions making your Outdoor adventures more Secure and Hassle-Free

The Pocket Knot by DakotaGear® … comes with a “Lifetime Warranty”..if it breaks within the 150 lbs workload

……We will REPLACE it…No B/S

Shock Cords / Paracords/ Pocketknot


WARNING: DO NOT exceed the stated load limit of (150lbs)… (while using the POCKET KNOT ..

Manufacturer is Not responsible for Loss, Body Injury, or Damage due to improper usage of the product.

The POCKET KNOT is Not… to be used for Climbing or for use where Disengagement could result in Body Injury or

Property Damage.

Always …Inspect the POCKET KNOT prior to Every Use.